Boat Rides in Akko (Acre)

The boat rides in Akko at the ancient Marina in Akko’s Old City are one of the hidden gems in Israel. Largely unknown and not widely publicized  the boat tours are both extremely affordable and extremely enjoyable, giving tourists and locals alike a view of how the ancient coastal city appeared to sea-faring vessels throughout the generations.

Where to Find Boat Rides in Akko

Akko Boat Rides - The Marina in Akko
Akko Boat Rides – The Marina in Akko

At the southern end of the Old City, beside the ancient Pisan Port is the Marina, now populated with countless small fishing boats, dinghies and yachts. Several boats holding up to 25 passengers or so are usually docked at the cement wharf, loading up with tourists and locals. Depending on the crowd, the music varies from vibrant Arabic melodies to niche Jewish tunes, the captains usually don’t mind switching the music. Some boat captains may even let you steer once the boat is out at sea, just ask.

Akko Boat Rides - Out at Sea
Akko Boat Rides – Out at Sea

The boat rides in Akko takes up to 25 minutes and passes the furthest sea walls, where the lighthouse is, and heads out for a few hundred metres. While out as sea the boat turns around and returns, passing close by the walls and the spot known by many as where the local youth jump into the sea.

The standard fare is NIS 10 per person and is paid to whoever seems to be collecting money at the dock.

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