Best Frozen Yogurt in Tel Aviv

Did you know that February 6 marks Frozen Yogurt Day across the world? A delectable day devoted to a creamy and cold treat celebrated across the globe. Frozen Yogurt Day is the perfect excuse to take a break from your regular routine and enjoy a bowl or cone of frozen yogurt with your favorite toppings. One of the most popular treats in the Middle East, we are happy to share the best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv.

Anita Yogurt

With several locations, one in the popular neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, Anita Yogurt is the sister of Anita Ice cream, offering a lighter version and plenty of unique toppings. Yogurt is offered in several flavors including a vegan, non-dairy option made with acai and some special toppings include fresh pomegranate seeds, halva (a sweet made from tahini paste) and toasted pecans. Perhaps the most irresistible is their selection of chocolate sauces including salted caramel sauce, chocolate hazelnut, date syrup or tahini, easily making it some of the best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv.
Shabazi St 42, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Topya Frozen Yogurt

As the name suggests, Topya is the perfect place for those who like to top their own treat. Topya offers a variety of yogurt flavors, although the original tart is perfectly sweet and sour and pairs perfectly with almost any topping. Options also include a coconut milk based vegan yogurt. Toppings include fresh fruits, cookies, and even Knafeh, a delectable Middle Eastern desert.
HaHashmonaim St 96, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tamara Frozen Yogurt

A hotspot among tourists and locals alike, Tamara serves one of the best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv that is fresh, flavorful and unforgettable. Beyond their classic flavors, they also offer vegan yogurt that is coconut based. Toppings include fresh fruit, including unusual additions like “sabra fruit” (also known as prickly pear), fresh dates and of course, plenty of chocolate and cookies. Tamara also has a juice bar that serves fresh cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, and fresh homemade popsicles.
Nahalat Binyamin St 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo and Dizengoff St 171, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Best Frozen Yogurt Tel Aviv

Jeff Ice Cream

Found in neighboring Jaffa, near the famous clock tower, Jeff Ice Cream offers both handmade Italian gelato and ice cream, with many non-dairy vegan options available. Additionally, Jeff offers some of the best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv, with plenty of vegan flavors as well. It is possible to blend toppings into the fresh yogurt and create your own delicious flavors, or enjoy the already made offerings which will not disappoint!
Yefet 18, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Deli Cream

Although Deli Cream is not technically in Tel Aviv, there are locations in Givatayim, Holon and Petah Tikva and since the fro-yo is so good, it is worth mentioning. Deli Cream started in 1989 as a humble shop in Rishon le Zion and now has become an iconic spot in Israeli for cold, creamy ice cream treats. Offering a multitude of ice cream flavors, Deli Cream also has some of the best frozen yogurt in all of Israel. Using fresh and local ingredients, they can create any flavor, prepared for each order and served in either a waffle cone or cup. It is worth venturing out of Tel Aviv to visit Deli Cream to enjoy a creamy frozen yogurt treat you will not forget!
Multiple locations

Special toppings to look out for while enjoying Frozen Yogurt in Tel Aviv

  • Sabra (Cactus Fruit) – also known as prickly pear, when in season this regional fruit pairs perfectly with the tart flavor of frozen yogurt
  • Fresh Dates – whether added as a topping or mixed directly into frozen yogurt, fresh dates add texture and flavor
  • Halva (sweet sesame desert that can be cut into cubes or creates a “string-like” texture
  • Pomegranate seeds – fresh and bright, pomegranate seeds add a satisfying crunch
  • Date Syrup – called Silan, it’s almost like honey but made from dates! Poured over the top it adds a flavorful sweetness to frozen yogurt