Adama Dance Company, Mitzpe Ramon

Israel is full of surprises, and the Adama Dance Company, which calls Mitzpe Ramon, in the heart of the Negev Desert, its home, is certainly one. Founded by two dancers who moved from Tel Aviv, Israel’s undisputed cultural capital, to Mitzpe Ramon in 2000,  Adama has ignored the much-followed practice of locating a cultural venue within a cultural destination, and instead created a cultural destination in an area which, at least on the surface, is totally unsuited to this.

Adama has become a world-class dance company, touring the world to perform its unique styles, which, much like its location, are not conventional. Taking a more holistic approach towards dance, Adama abolishes the stereotypes and expectations which are applied to dance, and creates its own, encouraging its dancers to express their own movements.

The unique dance company of Adama is located in Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev Desert

Three times a year, Adama hosts large dance festivals, bringing hundreds of dancers and spectators to Mitzpe Ramon, and throughout the year, the center has shows and performances. There are workshops for children including a summer course which draws participants from around the world.

Adama has an amazing space in Mitzpe Ramon’s Spice Route Quarter

Adama is a unique dance company in an unexpected and unique location. Check for information of upcoming performances and shows. If something is happening during your visit to the Negev, you’re lucky, but if not, drop by and take a look at this unique organization.

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