Tourist Israel Travel Concierge

Tourist Israel Travel Concierge

Tourist Israel are pleased to be able to offer our readers a travel concierge service operated by ‘The Fixer’.

The service can help with anything related to a trip to Israel – from restaurant reservations, tickets to concerts, or hotel bookings, to a full trip planning service, or arranging events in Israel. The service is also perfect if you need help with day to day activities such as grocery shopping, paying bills, or larger one-off’s such as arranging visas or finding an apartment.

The service has a transparent pricing model and is ideal for tourists:

Small requests (which can be resolved in one phone call such as a restaurant reservation) – NIS 50

Medium requests (which take a few phone calls to resolve) – NIS 175

Large/ongoing requests (such as planning an event or a vacation) – NIS 400

For more information or to order the service: