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Culture Tours

  • Walking throughout Tel Aviv

    Best Walking Tours in Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv is one of the most walkable cities in Israel and ideal for exploring by foot with the best walking tours in Tel Aviv. From the “tayelet” (boardwalk) along the... explore more
  • Habima

    Habima Theater, Tel Aviv

    The Habima Theater in Tel Aviv is Israel’s national theater, rebuilt and reopened in 2009 as a modern theater of world-class proportions. Whilst almost all productions at Habima Theater are in Hebrew,... explore more
  • Ein Hod Artists Colony

    The Ein Hod Artists Colony lies in the heart of the Carmel Forest, just south of the city of Haifa – a wonderful village with windy streets, phenomenal vistas, and loads of little art galleries,... explore more
  • Jacob's Ladder Music Festival in Israel

    Top Music Festivals in Israel

    There are some amazing music festivals in Israel, which despite Israel’s relatively small size traverse a diverse spectrum of cultural appeals. Israel’s music festival calendar includes almost every genre imaginable, in... explore more
  • BatYam (yxejamir)

    Bat Yam's Artists Colony: Temporary, Makeshift, and Gritty

    The coastal city of Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv has in the last weeks seen the emergence of a makeshift, temporary artists colony and gallery on the city’s main beach.... explore more
  • Nalagaat

    World’s First Deaf-Blind Acting Group, Nalaga’at, in Tel Aviv

    Hanna Szekeres, for NoCamels In Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port, there is an old warehouse overlooking the Mediterranean. There you can find the “Nalaga’at” Center, the world’s only professional deaf-blind acting ensemble. The... explore more
  • The Israel Ballet in Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv is a vibrant city, home to many of the country’s major dance companies, festivals and venues. Among these are the Suzanne Dellal Center, located in the center of the... explore more
  • druze flag

    Druze Hospitality

    The Druze are an Arab minority group who live peacefully in Israel and are renowned for their hospitality, as well as their outstanding dedication to the Israeli Defense Forces. While they... explore more
  • TACulture2 (Beny Shlevich)

    Culture in Israel

    Culture is everywhere in Israel, and no matter what you like, you’ll find it here. Israel has developed a vibrant and varied cultural scene of international proportions and quality. Everything from classical... explore more