Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and Holy Land

Pilgrimage Tours To Israel And Holy Land

Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and Holy Land

A Life Changing Spiritual Experience in Israel

Tourist Israel’s Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and the Holy Land are a life-changing experience. Our spiritual pilgrim tours make dreams and visions come true, as we take groups of all denominations through the sites of the Bible, led by an experienced tour guide who will animate the experience.

Our Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and the Holy Land can be adapted to the needs of your religious group or Church, your monetary budget, and any other wishes you might have. Our unique position in the market allows us to easily incorporate the sites of Jordan and the West Bank, so political borders will not prevent your dreams pf a complete Biblical tour from coming true. Tourist Israel is blessed to be able to operate our Pilgrimage Tours using our own fleet of vehicles – all air conditioned and modern, and the varied size of our fleet, from 8 seat vans, to 20 seat minibuses, and 40 and 55 seat motorcoaches, means that we really do have a solution for groups of all sizes.

How to Plan a Pilgrimage Tour to Israel

Planning a Pilgrimage Tour can be a daunting experience, but our team is here to help and be at your side throughout the process. Speaking many languages, from our team, you’ll be given a dedicated person to speak with throughout the process who will be with you to make sure your trip is better than perfect.

The length of the tour is the first question many pilgrim groups approach us with. We recommend that the ideal length is an 8 day tour of Israel including the main sites of Galilee, Nazareth, Cana, Caesarea, Capernaum, Mount Carmel, Taghba, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sephulcre, River Jordan, Mount Zion, Garden of Gethsamene, Bethlehem, Jericho, Qumran, Dead Sea, Masada, and Jaffa.  Many groups decide to extend their tour by two or three days (either as an entire group or as an option for part of the group), and extend the trip with a visit to Jordan, and visiting Jerash, Mount Nebo, Madaba, Petra, and Wadi Rum. Of course, each group is customised and our team is on hand to help with the process.

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Whilst you are welcome to explore our website, the only way to truly experience the difference is to contact us at your convenience to discuss how we can assist you with creating the ultimate Israel experience.

Your Perfect Pilgrimage Tour in Israel and the Holy Land

Planning the perfect Pilgrimage Tours to Israel require experience and skill, understanding of the different needs of each church or group, denomination, nationality, religious background, and budget. When our team sets out to plan faith-based experiences for pilgrim groups visiting Israel, they cherish the opportunity to provide a life-changing experience. Our magic touch is the fact that we provide a personal service, and give a customised itinerary to each group.

  • Unmatched expertise: over 15 years in the Israel tourism industry
  • Access to the most sacred destinations and significant religious sites
  • Visiting vital sites like Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and the Sea of Galilee
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Organized Trips for Every Budget

Every Pilgrimage Tour to Israel operated by Tourist Israel varies in itinerary and therefore in cost. We guarantee to be able to work with any budget and requirement, to create a trip which both fits the budget of the group, and the spiritual requirements of the group. We invite you to contact us at the earliest stage of planning your trip so we can be on hand to advise throughout the process.

  • Remarkable, round-the-clock customer service in English & other languages
  • Perfect Christian journeys that can be tailored to your budget, time frame, and group size
  • The option to encorporate Christian sites in Jordan, Egypt, and even Rome to your tour
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