Jisr Az-Zarqa

Jisr Az-Zarqa is a small fisherman’s village located on Israel’s northern coast. The only remaining Arab town in Israel on the Mediterranean Sea, it is located just north of Caesarea and just south of the Taninim Nature Preserve. Jisr Az-Zarqa means “bridge over the blue” [stream]. In this town, you will find many more locals than tourists. But Jisr Az-Zarqa is an interesting, off-the-beaten-path place in Israel worth visiting, especially if you like quiet beaches.

History of Jisr Az-Zarqa


Courtesy of Oren L.

Bedouin lived in the village of Jisr Az-Zarqa prior to the state of Israel being established. After 1948, the people who lived there, mostly of Muslim faith, remained in the area. They continued doing business with the surrounding Jewish towns and cities. Sandwiched between Caesarea and the Taninim Nature Preserve the town did not have much room to grow.

Revitalization efforts are in the works to improve the quality of life for residents there. Considered one of the poorest Arab towns in Israel, efforts are being made to increase tourism to the area.

Courtesy of Oren L.

The town opened its first guesthouse in 2014. It is also a marker on the Israel National Trail. The trail runs from Kibbutz Dan to Eilat and passes through Jisr Az-Zarqa.

One of major draws of this town is the beach. Take the main street all the way to the end. Visitors will see a portion of an ancient aqueduct on the shoreline. The beach is remote and quiet.

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Jisr Az-Zarqa is just a 10 minute drive from Caesarea or a 25 minute walk along the beach.

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