Getting from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv

Getting From Ashdod Port To Tel Aviv

Getting from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv

Many cruises to Israel dock in Ashdod Port. Getting from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv is fairly simple, but with many options, and for many cruise passengers, limited time, selecting the best mode of transport is very important – you can travel between Ashdod and Tel Aviv by Israel cruise excursion tour, taxi, sherut (shared taxi), train, or bus. Which is best?

Taxi from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv

A taxi is the easiest and quickest way to get from Ashdod to Tel Aviv. It’ll take you point to point, and you shouldn’t have to wait (there is usually a queue of taxis waiting at the port to collect arriving passengers. The price for a taxi from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv is about 240 NIS/$60. Be aware though, that only taxis with a special license are able to enter the port itself – this is not a problem for going to Tel Aviv, but could be problematic on the way back. The best option is therefore to take the card of the taxi which takes you to Tel Aviv and pre-arrange a collection point and time.

Bus from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv

From Ashdod Central Bus Station, take bus route 320 to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. The bus runs every 15 minutes and takes 50 minutes. It is operated by the company Veolia. The return route is numbered either 320 or 312 and runs from the 6th floor of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station every 15 minutes. The cost is about 9 NIS from Central Bus Station to Central Bus Station.

From the Ashdod Port to the Ashdod Central Bus Station, many cruise operators operate a shuttle bus service, otherwise, the simplest option is to take a taxi (cost about 60 NIS/$15).

More information about buses in Israel. You can check the bus timetables in Israel.

Sherut from Ashdod to Tel Aviv

There is no sherut service from Ashdod Port to Tel Aviv. Read more about Sheruts in Israel

Private Guide from Ashdod Port

Taking a private guide from Ashdod Port for your short exploring time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or elsewhere in Israel, could be your best option for a memory filled day. A private guide with vehicle costs aout $695 for up to 7 people. For further information about Israel private tours.