Best Kibbutz Hotels

Kibbutz hotels are a unique Israeli form of hospitality, as are kibbutzim themselves. The kibbutz is a form of collective communal settlement which was a popular way of forming communities in the run up to the formation of the State of Israel. Originally largely based around agriculture, today, many of the 270 kibbutzim have diversified into other areas, one of which is hotels. Largely rural and tranquil, the accommodation is largely basic much like the communities themselves, many of these hotels offer good value and good quality accommodation. Here is our pick of the best kibbutz hotels. If this article doesn’t have the hotel for you, see the full range of kibbutz hotels.

Kibbutz Hotel Ramat Rachel

Best Kibbutz Hotels - Ramat Rachel Resort, Jerusalem

Just a few miles south of the center of Jerusalem yet worlds away, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel Hotel is a great alternative to staying in the center of the city itself. Set among the beautiful Judean Hills, the kibbutz hotel is surrounded by stunning scenery including gardens shaded by pine trees, a great pool, four tennis courts, and over 150 large rooms for guests. If you don’t mind being outside the city center, this can be a great alternative to a Jerusalem Hotel both in terms of the experience it provides and also the price, and being based here makes it easier to explore the beautiful hills that surround the city.

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

Best Kibbutz in Israel - Ein Gedi

The hotel at Ein Gedi is just a few minutes from the Dead Sea. This kibbutz is famous for the nearby Ein Gedi National Park and the botanical gardens which result from the site being an oasis, a hub of greenery amid the barren desert that surrounds it. Set above the Dead Sea, parts of the hotel have amazing views across it and beyond into Jordan, and staying here is a great contrast to the many other the resort style hotels that line the shores of the Dead Sea further south.

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