Alpaca Farm, Mitzpe Ramon

Usually found in the South American Andes Mountains, alpacas and llamas are unusual and interesting animals. The Alpaca Farm in Mitzpe Ramon, in the heart of Israel’s Negev Desert, is one of the only farms outside of South America where you will find a herd of alpacas. Whilst the Negev, in contrast to the green scenery of the Andes might seem inhospitable for the alpacas and llamas, the altitude and temperature in Mitzpe Ramon is, in fact comparable to their natural home.

The Alpaca Farm has one of the largest herds of alpacas and llamas in the world, with the alpacas here living approximately 30% longer than they do in most other places in the world. The desert is surprisingly hospitable for the animals, and with little natural grass to feed on, it offers the opportunity for visitors to the farm to feed the animals as they walk around. A working, farm, the wool of the alpacas is woven to create authentic garments. It is incredibly high quality, among the highest quality wools in the world, and the weaving factory is also open for visitors to explore.

As well as the alpacas and llamas, which can be ridden by children only the Alpaca Farm has around 20 horses suitable for riders of all ages, and accommodation.

Visiting the Alpaca Farm

Entrance to the Alpaca Farm costs NIS 25 per person. The farm is open during daylight hours seven days a week.

Contact: 08-6588047

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