The Fauda Experience: A Tour of Israel’s Secrets

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Israel’s security forces and special intelligence operations have fascinated and intrigued the world for decades. From well-documented stories, where truths have been revealed, to hit televised series and movies such as Fauda and Homeland, where secrets have been fictionalized. But what really happens? On our Fauda Experience: A Tour of Israel’s Secrets, led by a former senior Israeli intelligence agent, visit filming locations, meet Israeli and Palestinian security force veterans, including those who worked undercover, and learn how things really work. This experience will provide a thrilling and unique encounter with another side of Israeli and Palestinian society, jaw-dropping truths, and lifelong memories.

The word “fauda” means chaos, but for many it’s simply the name of a Netflix hit series. However, real life for the members of the mista’arvim, an elite counter-terrorism unit that operates within the West Bank and Gaza, is not far from the show’s reality, or that seen in countless other shows, movies, and novels. With our insiders tour, step into the story and visit the places you’ve only explored on-screen, while hearing real-life stories and learning about the history of the mista’arvim from a former senior counter-terrorism official in the Israel Securities Authority (I.S.A.), also known as Shabak (the Israeli Secret Service).

You’ll also meet a Palestinian former undercover agent, who had to undergo emergency rehabilitation in Israel after his identity was exposed by terrorist organizations, putting his life at risk. Hear the remarkable story about his life undercover as he takes you along the Green Line that separates Israel and the West Bank. After our once-in-a-lifetime Fauda Experience Tour, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of your favorite shows and a mind-blowing encounter with how intelligence agencies in Israel really work every day.

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The Fauda Experience: A Tour of Israel’s Secrets Highlights

  1. Meet a former Shabak Senior Counter-Terrorism Official and hear about his amazing experience working for the Shabak in Gaza and the West Bank for over 23 years
  2. Learn first-hand from an insider who took part in key events in the never-ending struggle between Israel and local terrorist organizations, while being briefed on the Shabak's development and influence on the conflict
  3. Explore the unique village of Kfar Qasim, a hilltop city on the Israeli side of the Green Line, and the primary filming location of shows such as Fauda. Kfar Qasim was not damaged during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, as unlike most Arab cities and villages that are now part of Israel, the opposing armies never fought over it; the town was annexed to Israel in accordance with the armistice agreements that brought the war to an end
  4. Visit a traditional Palestinian house, in which an expanded family of three generations lives and multiple scenes for televised series were filmed
  5. Meet a former Palestinian undercover agent whose identity was exposed by the Hamas terrorist organization, forcing him to undergo emergency rehabilitation in Israel to survive
  6. Visit Barta’a, a unique town that straddles both sides of the Green Line separating Israel and the West Bank. After the 1948 War of Independence, the armistice line drew the village in half, with Israel and Jordan each taking a side. Remarkably, tensions were minimal, and both sides of the city were and continue to remain quite accessible to Israelis and Palestinians alike. The bustling marketplace that spans both Western and Eastern Barta’a serves as a rare but inspiring example of coexistence in the region
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The Fauda Experience: A Tour of Israel’s Secrets Itinerary

08:00 – Pickup from Tel Aviv and drive to Kfar Qasim
08:40-10:30 – Meet a former Shabak Senior Counter-Terrorism Official and enjoy breakfast at a traditional Arabic hummusiya (hummus restaurant) as he tells you about his experiences
10:30-11:30 – Explore the local markets and old neighborhoods of Kfar Qasim while learning about its history
11:30-12:30 – Visit a traditional Palestinian house, which served as a filming location, and sip on some strong local coffee as they share their stories about what it’s like to live along the Green Line across generations
12:30-14:30 – Meet Mr. X, a Palestinian former undercover agent. Drive along the Green Line and observe the highly controversial wall, as you listen to Mr. X’s astonishing story about his undercover life that will keep you on the edge of your seat
14:30-17:30 – Head to the city of Barta’a and learn all about its unique history and place in the region. Explore its truly unique market and enjoy lunch at an authentic Palestinian restaurant
17:30-18:30 – Return to Tel Aviv
NB - all timings on The Fauda Experience: A Tour of Israel’s Secrets are approximate
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