Yoga in Israel

When planning a holiday to Israel, yoga may not be the first thing that comes to mind – with so many historic sites in Jerusalem alone, any form of exercise may not exactly be a priority. But (and it’s a big but) vacations can be hectic and if we’re not careful we return back to the office still feeling exhausted. So in order to avoid feeling like you never even went on holiday, treat yourself to some TLC with some yoga in Israel. Whether you are a one-handed tree pose pro, or, struggle to even touch your toes, yoga is a welcoming exercise for all levels that can be enjoyed in some of the most beautiful destinations around the world, including Israel.

Yoga in Israel at the beach

Why Yoga?

As said before, with so many things to see and do in such a short time, holidays can become stressful. Once in a while, it is important for us to slow down a little and focus on the present moment. One way to achieve this is through yoga practice – it was invented to prolong life after all. Along with reinforcing mindfulness, other benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, stronger muscles, better posture, increased bone health, and better blood circulation.

Why Yoga in Israel?

You may not have thought it but Israel is a wonderful destination for yoga experiences. With beautiful natural backdrops like the Mediterranean Sea, Judean Desert, and the Dead Sea, Israel is brimming with idyllic yoga locations. Yoga enthusiasts can literally bring their mat to the beach and practice their skills in the morning as the sun rises, in complete tranquillity.

Morning Yoga at the beach

Alternatively, there are a number of yoga classes and tour packages that combine discovering some of Israel’s iconic scenery with yoga practices that keep the mind, body, and soul completely relaxed. The yoga experiences in Israel cater to beginners through to expert so everyone can take part.

Yoga Tours in Israel

The “Masada Sunrise Yoga, Ein Gedi Oasis, and Dead Sea Wellness Experience Tour” is a wonderful way to experience yoga in Israel. This unique tour takes visitors to Mount Masada in the heart of the Dead Sea region. At 400 meters high, this mountain forms part of the fortress of Masada which was built by King Herod and boasts a significant history that recognizes the courage of the zealots who chose to sacrifice themselves to avoid being captured by the Romans.

Yoga at Masada Sunrise

After climbing to the top of Mount Masada in the early hours of the morning, the tour group will experience a rejuvenating yoga session as the sun rises over the Judean desert. You will then descend into the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve where you will cool down in the waterfall pools before taking a dip in the Dead Sea to float in the lowest destination on Earth. This tour departs from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, costs 99 USD per person and is the easiest way to combine yoga and sightseeing, with relaxation as the main focus.

In order to unwind during your holiday to Israel, a yoga session is a must. Not only will you feel more relaxed, you will also feel more energised for the afternoon ahead. A holiday is and should be a chance to truly focus on your wellbeing and there is arguably no better activity that achieves this then yoga.

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