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  • JerusalemIMAX

    Jerusalem in IMAX 3d

    “At the crossroads of history, forged by centuries of conflict, is a place once believed to be the center of the world. Jerusalem.” That is how the new IMAX 3d movie... explore more
  • Raptor

    Israeli Raptors [Video]

    Israel is famous as a destination for migrating birds who travel along the Great African Rift Valley twice each year to more seasonal climates (heading south to Africa for Winter and... explore more
  • Jerusalem60seconds

    Jerusalem in 60 Seconds [Video]

    Jerusalem has enough culture, history, religion, and politics, to mean that even living there for many years only exposes you to some of its rich heritage. This awesome video tries to... explore more
  • This is the MOST Beautiful Country in the World

    Israel is the most beautiful country in the world. With such diversity relative to its tiny size – mountain ski resorts two hours from desert plains, coastal cities moments from forested... explore more