Alternative Places to Stay in Tel Aviv: Apartment Rental and Couch Surfing.

Tel Aviv like most major cities, has a vast array of places for the traveler to stay ranging from big bulge-bracket hotels, to boutique hotels, and hostels, budget hotels, and B&B’s. A more authentic and often cost-effective way to stay in the city, is to rent a vacation apartment or room in an apartment in Tel Aviv. There are literally hundreds of apartments to rent in Tel Aviv, varying from luxury penthouses to more basic and economic choices.

Colourful buildings and narrow streets in Neve Tzedek by Flickr user noam_fein
Colourful buildings and narrow streets in Neve Tzedek by Flickr user noam_fein

Apartments vary in price, size, and quality based on their location in town and style – however it is important to remember that they might be in areas that are not generally tourist-friendly and more generally residential (where you wouldn’t ordinarily find hotels). Bear in mind travelling time to the center of town, as well as the availability of transport links and restaurants nearby.

One site which we have come across and think is useful to find holiday apartments in Tel Aviv is TellAvista, where you can find loads of apartment listings and then contact the owner/agent direct. The site is totally impartial and enables people to list their apartments including rooms to rent and small B&B accommodation in the city. It’s definitely worth searching for apartments with our recommended site, Tellavista.

Couchsurfing is another great site. A community where people host guests on literally, a spare bed or couch, its become a sensation with almost 3,000 hospitable Tel Avivians listing their hosting services out on the site. Its definitely worth a look.

And, as with anything, another good place to look on Google, where you can find hundreds of results as well as agents and brokers specializing in short term tourist rentals, although the two other sites above might be better as they are more targeted and specific.

If you know of, or own any great apartments or rooms in Tel Aviv available to tourists, please let us know and we can try to list it on the site.