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Getting Around

  • Typical Dan Bus

    Using the Bus in Tel Aviv

    Using the bus in Tel Aviv is a fast, cheap and simple way to get around the city, however, it can be slightly complicated if you don’t know the city and... explore more
  • Sherut2 (Flitzy Phoebie)

    Sheruts (Shared Taxis) in Israel

    Sheruts are shared taxis which run across Israel. Generally 9 or 10 seater mini-buses, they run both between cities and within cities, and are a popular means of transport especially between... explore more
  • Sherut2 (Flitzy Phoebie)

    Taking a Sherut in Israel

    Taking a sherut in Israel is a fast and efficient way of getting around, but can be slightly daunting if you’ve never traveled on one before. A sherut (in Hebrew ‘monit... explore more
  • Taxi

    Taxis in Israel

    Taxis in Israel are very common and popular forms of transportation. Cheap by European standards, taxis in Israel are widely available and are generally safe and modern cars, with helpful drivers.... explore more
  • Driving2 (Shayan (USA))

    Driving in Israel

    Whilst, Israeli drivers dont have a great reputation, but renting a car and driving in Israel is a convenient and generally easy way to get around in Israel. Israel has a... explore more
  • Car Rental in Israel

    Renting a car in Israel is a popular and convenient way of getting around and seeing the country at your own pace and on your own time-scale. Car rental companies can... explore more
  • Trains in Israel: Israel Railways

    Rail travel in Israel has been modernized and developed extensively over the past ten years or so, meaning that Israel Railways, the national train operator, offers a great option for getting around, particularly within... explore more
  • Bike station on Rothschild Boulevard.

    Tel Aviv Bike Rentals

    Tel Aviv has joined the revolution sweeping all the world’s greatest cities – bike rentals in Tel Aviv have landed. The Tel Aviv bicycle rental scheme is called Tel-O-Fun which is... explore more
  • Typical bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

    Buses in Israel

    Israel’s bus network is the country’s most extensive and popular transport infrastructure system. There are two main bus operators, Egged, who is the largest, (and the second largest in the world), run... explore more
  • Flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat

    Flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat are by far the quickest and easiest way to get from the center of Israel to the resort on the Red Sea. There are two options... explore more