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Our Negev Jeep Tour safari offers the ultimate way to explore and experience the Negev Desert which covers over 60% of Israel. The Negev begins just 90 minutes south of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, so heading south for the day to explore is incredibly possible. With the region so undiscovered by tourists, Our Negev Jeep Tour offers an insight into a beautiful region that is brimming with fascinating sites and treasures.

Negev Jeep Tour Itineraries

All Negev Jeep Tours are customized to your individual interests – for instance, if you want to focus on the historic and natural wonders of the Negev, or if you prefer to spend the day doing more extreme driving, with some hikes. Our most popular jeep tour trails are in the Zin Valley and Ein Akev area, and inside the Ramon Crater.

Zin Valley/Ein Akev Jeep Tour

The Zin Valley extends from Midrashat Ben Gurion, and the spot where Israel’s first Prime Minister decided where he would be buried, all the way to Eilat. It’s no wonder that Ben Gurion selected this spot, the beauty that the Zin Valley offers is simply one of the most incredible in Israel. On the Zin Valley/Ein Akev jeep tour you’ll drive through the moon-like landscape of the ‘Zin Desert’, carved out of the desert rock by water erosion. Sharp cliffs and canyons, natural springs including Ein Avdat, and Ein Akev throw water into the picture, with a cool and refreshing effect. The Zin Valley/Ein Akev jeep tour is the one which throws up the greatest surprises and is our top pick in the Negev

Ramon Crater jeep Tour

The Ramon Crater is infamous and impressive, perhaps the most interesting desert landscape in Israel, and, if you were being very ambitious, in the world. Created some 250 million years ago by the power of water when this land was covered by the ocean, this makhtesh, the largest in the world, is a geological wonder which is a window into the past. Prehistoric remnants are preserved here, amid this somewhat lunar landscape. And the Ramon Crater jeep tour will take you into the heart of the secret.


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All jeep tours in the Negev are private tours with experienced guides who will take you into the landscape they are passionate about
Jeeps are fully air conditioned vehicles seating 6 passengers (there are no open top jeeps in the Negev)
We recommend that you arrive independently to a start point (we can advise by email) to maximise off-road time
Tours can begin at any time, but in the Negev, the magic happens at dawn and dusk, and its at these hours we recommend you try to schedule your tour
You can choose between 2 hours and 4 hours tour
You can choose between Ein Akev to Ramon Crater
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