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  • Bike station on Rothschild Boulevard.

    Tel Aviv Bike Rentals

    Tel Aviv has joined the revolution sweeping all the world’s greatest cities – bike rentals in Tel Aviv have landed. The Tel Aviv bicycle rental scheme is called Tel-O-Fun which is... explore more
  • Kayaking and Rafting on the River Jordan

    Kayaking or Rafting on the River Jordan might not quite match with the initial image people have of a Biblical stories, but once you’ve seen the Jordan from a kayak on... explore more
  • Tel Aviv beach by Flickr user naama

    Watersports in Israel

    Diving, surfing, wind surfing, jet skiing, sea kayaks and more… Watersports are extremely popular in Israel. Israel has the highest number of qualified divers per person in the world, and has had... explore more
  • Druze Hospitality

    The Druze are a minority group who live peacefully in Israel and are renowned for their hospitality. Their villages in the Carmel and Golan regions, offer not only an insight into... explore more
  • CaesareaGolf

    Golf Tourism in Israel - 16 Golf Courses Planned

    At the moment, Israel has just one full size golf course at Caesarea. This course re-opened last year after being rebuilt by Pete Dye, one of the world’s top golf course... explore more
  • Tel Aviv beach by Flickr user naama

    Water sports in Tel Aviv

    Surfing is incredibly popular in Tel Aviv by Flickr user naama The sea plays a huge part in the Tel Aviv lifestyle and water sports are very popular. From sailboats and windsurfing,... explore more