The World’s First Subterranean Tours – Descend in Jerusalem

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APRIL FOOLS (this, we guess, is something of a dream!): The world’s first subterranean tours are launching soon from Jerusalem. Descending from the holiest city on Earth, these tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the land of Israel from beneath. Travelling in a special vehicle, through specially carved tunnels deep beneath the ground, the tours will whisk visitors around Israel to some of the country’s most famous sites. Launching in late 2012, there will be a special launch for a very limited number of participants. Make sure you are following Tourist Israel on Facebook or Twitter or by Email to get an exclusive invitation.

Subterranean Caves deep beneath Israel by Nir Nussbaum, on Flickr
Subterranean Caves deep beneath Israel by Nir Nussbaum, on Flickr

Subterranean Tour Highlights

  • Descending from the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, the tour will pass beneath the Western Wall
  • Descend to the Dead Sea passing through the rocky terrain of the Judean Desert.
  • In creating the tours, many new sites were found, such as an ancient Desert City aside the Dead Sea.
  • Dock at the bottom of the Dead Sea (the lowest place on earth), where specially installed equipment will enable you to walk along the bottom (the salty waters usually dont enable people to dive or even swim).
  • From the Dead Sea, head north, along the Jordan River Valley.
  • A special stop at the Jordan River Baptism Site
  • A journey around the Sea of Galilee
  • Travel under the hills of the Galilee to Tel Aviv
  • Explore Tel Aviv’s underground nightlife, underground.

Get the Tour

This tour will be launched in late 2012. There will hopefully be a special launch tour later this year. To be in with a chance of winning a place, simply write your name in the comments below.

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