The Best Restaurants on Wolt for Cinco de Mayo in Tel Aviv

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that has gained international popularity. Each year, enthusiasts from all over the world don sombreros, fill coolers with cerveza, and grill carne asada. However, while internationals are quick to embrace mariachi music and margaritas, most are under the impression that they are celebrating Mexican Independence Day. Mexican culture is friendly and welcoming, so everyone is invited to participate in the annual fiesta! But don’t forget to educate yourself on the holiday’s history before firing up the grill, por favor. It’s important to know that Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French empire in the 1862 Battle of Puebla. Bueno, now you’re ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Tel Aviv!

This year, celebrating Cinco de Mayo as usual is sadly out of the question. But you definitely deserve a few frozen margaritas to reward yourself for months of responsible behavior. Thankfully, Wolt has you covered with everything you need to ring in Cinco de Mayo without having to leave your mirpeset (balcony). From tequila to nacho platters, here are the best restaurants on Wolt delivering a socially distanced fiesta straight to your door.

The best restaurants on Wolt for Cinco de Mayo in Tel Aviv


Regularly voted the best Mexican food in Tel Aviv, Mezcal is as close as you can get to abuela’s cooking, without flying her in. Just ask the Mexican olim that have given their stamp of approval. Carne lovers can choose from barbacoa and chorizo potato burritos, while vegans will delight at the nopales, frijoles, and chipotle stuffed options. If you’re socially distancing con familia, Mezcal has taco kits as well. Last but never least, add some frozen margaritas and cerveza San Miguel to your order. Then crank up the mariachi music in anticipation of your delivery. 

cinco de mayo in tel aviv


Taqueria is taking your socially distanced needs very seriously. The popular restaurant now offers entire bottles of tequila and an innovative strategy to deliver nacho platters to your door without the mess and disappointment. Just pile on the pre-packaged ingredients and bake for 4 minutes for melted cheesy goodness! Taqueria also caters to Tel Aviv’s vegan crowd, with seitan burritos on offer alongside favorites like camarones, carnitas, and bistec. Don’t forget the churros with dulce de leche for dessert, the perfect companion to a bottle of Cuervo Gold.

best mexican restaurants on wolt

El Gato Azul

If you haven’t given El Gato Azul a shot yet, Cinco de Mayo in Tel Aviv is the perfect day to try it out. This restaurant is fairly new on the scene, but Chef Rima Olvera’s answer to the city’s lack of authentic Mexican food is already gaining popularity. Just try to choose between their carne asada and crispy fish tacos! Then sample a variety of tempting sides like chili con carne, red Mexican rice, and homemade corn tortillas. If you’re in the mood for something other than a classic margarita, try their signature El Gato Azul cocktail, infused with smoky mezcal and spicy habanero peppers.

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We will forgive the queso in the guacamole, since Mexicana serves up a diverse selection of Mexican favorites that other Tel Aviv restaurants forget. Chimichangas? Enchiladas? Chilaquiles? Quesadillas? Si, POR FAVOR! Mexicana also offers another Tel Aviv rarity: vegan nachos for the win! Go loco with their sharing meal and a couple of mango margaritas, and check out their specials that combine two of life’s greatest treasures: burritos and beer.

best mexican restaurants in tel aviv

Hinnawi Wine & More

If you prefer to fire up the grill and throw some beers in the cooler, Hinnawi offers a variety of options for both. Their butcher section includes classics like sirloin and chicken breast, alongside kebab and spicy merguez sausages for those who enjoy a little culinary fusion. This year Hinnawi has you covered with a full range of barbecue essentials, including everything from coals to coolers at the click of that Wolt button. Throw in a six-pack of cerveza and let the celebration in isolation begin. ¡Viva México!

The best restaurants on Wolt for Cinco de Mayo in Tel Aviv



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