Tel Aviv Water War Fight. July 1 , 2016

Tel Aviv Water War
Tel Aviv Water War

Every summer the city of Tel Aviv cools off with a big water fight: the Tel Aviv Water War. 2016 will be the twelfth year that this event has taken place, and each year it gets bigger and better with thousands of residents and visitors taking part in the unique event in Kikar Rabin in the center of the city. In a weird way, the stability and consistency of the water war, has stood as an annual tradition amid an ever changing world, and ever changing region!

The Tel Aviv Water War is of course, free to enter. Be sure to bring your best beach clothes.

The Tel Aviv Water War is a totally unique Tel Aviv event! It probably couldn’t happen like it does here anywhere else in the world! Watch below 2012 promotional video for the event:

Event Booking Details

Event Date: 01/07/2016

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