Sound Ports Festival, Tel Aviv. March 9-12, 2016

Sound Ports Festival, Istanbul – Tel Aviv, is a unique music event at its first edition. Taking place symultaneously in Tel Aviv and Istanbul, from March 9 to March 12, the festival aims to create a bridge between the two cultural capitals of the Middle East. Tel Aviv and Istanbul, that for ages have influenced one another culturally and economically, are blended together again in these 4 days of music (and not only music: the festival features lectures, record fairs, exhibitions and culinary events).

The festival was born on initiative of the Istanbul based musical entrepreneurs Ahmetcan Tasdemir and Serhan Lokman and the Tel Avivian Gil Karniel and Dan Basman. Sound Ports promises a unique soundscape that ranges from groovy psychedelic sounds to trip hop, jazz and electronic, and setlists artists such as Burhan Ocal, Gaye Su Akyol, Noga Erez, Ahu, Shai Tsabari, Baba Zula and Book Pam.

Sound Ports will take place in Tel Aviv in several different locations, from March 9 to March 12, 2016. For more information and tickets you can visit the festival’s webpage or facebook page.

Event Booking Details

Event Date: 12/03/2016

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