Shlomo Artzi Concerts. 2014


Shomo Artzi is one of the ‘sounds of Israel’, one of Israel’s most iconic and successful singers who’s been at the forefront of the local music scene for over 45 years. To this day, Shlomo Artzi’s concerts across Israel remain sell out performances, and Artzi’s legendary summer performances including the series at the Caesarea Amphitheater are almost national institutions, and his music is loved by generations new and old alike. Artzi was named the seventeenth greatest Israeli of all time in 2005, and, having sold over 1.5 million records, is one of the country’s best selling musicians. Upcoming Shlomo Artzi concerts can be found below, as well as some of the most iconic music from his long career.

The Career of Shlomo Artzi

Artzi rose to fame in 1970 as the winner of the prestigious Israeli Song Festival, singing ‘Pitom Achshav, Pitom Hayom’ (Suddenly Now, Suddenly Today), also known as Ahavtiha (I loved her). He was catapulted into the limelight being named singer of the year, and riding a strong wave of popularism. Things changed however, with a poor Eurovision performance in 1975, and a downturn in his career. He recorded ‘Man Gets Lost’ as his good-bye album. It turned out to be a great success, and since 1977, Artzi’s career has never looked back

Artzi was at his peak during the 1980’s, with a popular weekly radio show, sell out concerts, and many of his most iconic songs, such as Layla lo Shaket (Restless Night) defining Israeli music for the decade

Artzi’s career continued to go strong through the 1990’s with a number of super-successful albums. Among his most noteworthy records of the era is “Menagev Lach Et Hadmaot” (“Wiping The Tears For You”)

Artzi’s successful song of the 2000’s is “TeTa’aru Lakhem” (“Imagine Yourselves”), featuring the lyrics  “Imagine yourselves a beautiful world, a little less sad than it actually is, and there we are, walking, with sunshine in our pockets”. 

The last few years has seen Artzi’s concerts continue to sell out, and some super-successful duets with many of the leading stars of today in Israel, such as “Elohim” (“God”), a duet with Avraham Tal

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