Season of Culture Festival, Jerusalem, Israel. August 8 – September 4, 2018

The Jerusalem Season of Culture Festival (Mekudeshet) is an innovative art initiative taking place in the Holy City for a month, during this summer 2018. The very city of Jerusalem and its complexities are the main focus of the festival, which came to life in the context of the Jerusalem artistic communities. The festival is a series of incredibily interesting, unique art events, where art becomes a powerful medium for the aesthetics, politics, culture, conflicts, integration, strenghts and fragility of the most iconic city on Earth. Above all, the events want to be a celebration of love and inclusion, of crossing uncrossable boundaries and cultural divides, through the power of different art forms. Amongst the events, we would like to highlight:

    • Living Water (August 15) – Music performance by four female musicians from the Middle Eastern area
    • One night in Atlantis (August 9) – Art performance at the YMCA’s pool
    • Blindsight (August 21) – An immersive experience in Ein Kerem, to enjoy with closed eyes
    • Dissolving Boundaries Series (many dates) – A series of events mixing music with exploring Jerusalem’s realities of social change
    • Demonstrate Restraint (August 25) – A powerful dance and vocal performance

Event Booking Details

Event Date: 04/09/2018

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