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Best Day Trips from Tel Aviv

While visiting Tel Aviv, do not miss out on some of the best day trips from the city. Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in the country and has plenty of exciting areas to explore and a very popular nightlife scene. Whether you are visiting the city for 24 hours or more than a week,...

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8 Best Beaches in Israel

Taking a summer dip beneath the sun or strolling along the serene beach at night sounds like the perfect way to spend your free time. Luckily, Israel is home to dozens of beaches stretching across the stunning Mediterranean and Red Sea coastlines. From Tel Aviv’s popular beaches to Eilat’s hidden gems, there are a plethora...

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9 day Highlights of Israel Package Tour

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Best Day Tours in Israel

With so much choice, choosing the best day tours in Israel to take during your trip can be difficult. Sometimes a tour can make an experience infinitely better; at other times, you might wish that you had just explored alone. With that in mind, we set out to bring you a list of the best day...

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King George Street, Tel Aviv

The urban core of Tel Aviv is quite small, so after even a few days in Israel's capital of cool, you'll start getting to know its smaller nooks and crannies. In particular, each of Tel Aviv's several main streets and boulevards has its own identity and feel. King George Street is one of the most iconic roads in Tel Aviv. Centrally located yet peaceful, cosmopolitan yet bohemian, King George Street provides not only a fulfilling tourist experience, but also a glimpse into the everyday lives of local Israelis who call the surrounding neighborhood home.

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Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Israel

Wheelchair accessible travel is becoming increasingly available across the globe, and wheelchair accessible travel in Israel is possible at a number of sites. From national parks and urban beaches to historic sites and expansive museums, wheelchairs are welcome! In addition to finding readily available ramps and assistance, wheelchair friendly transport is also available. We’re able...

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Spas in Israel

Israel is home to some of the best spas in the world, so come and chill out in style! Criss-crossed by spas offering varied treatments from across the world, Israelis are big on their treatments, and whether it involves a quiet weekend retreat in a rural corner of the country or the center of a major city, there is a huge selection of spas to choose from.

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