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Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel towers over 15 miles of Israel's Mediterranean Coastline between Hadera and Haifa. Mount Carmel has always been a symbol of beauty, and whilst it is not especially high, with a peak of just 550m above sea level, the change in scenery from the flat Coastal Plain makes it a striking landform. Ranging views across the flat coastal plain and onto the Mediterranean to the West, and the Alona and later Jezreel Valleys in the Galilee to the East are breathtaking.

Must-eat foods in Shuk HaCarmel, Carmel Market Tel Aviv

Any visitor to Tel Aviv knows that a stop at the famous Shuk HaCarmel (Carmel Market) is a must. The colorful and bustling Tel Aviv market, situated in the heart of the city, contains an overabundance of sounds, smells, flavors, and a sensory experience not to be missed. The market offers a variety of boutique...

Lag B’omer in Mount Meron

Mount Meron is the most interesting place to celebrate Lag B’omer. The mountain, in the Western Galilee region near Safed is the location of the tomb of the Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Rashbi), and as such draws tens of thousands of religious Jews from across Israel and beyond who make the annual pilgrimage there lighting bonfires on...

Hof Hacarmel Beaches in Haifa

Hof HaCarmel is the coastal area on Haifa's western side known for its beaches. In the summer, the Dado and Zamir Beaches are full of sunbathers, swimmers and more all taking it easy in the Mediterranean sun. Fishing from the rock outcroppings, watersports such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and extreme watersports like para-sailing can all be done off the coast. In the winter months, the beaches are dotted with mostly joggers and sightseers and as well as elderly men playing dominoes and backgammon. With copious amounts of cafés and restaurants along the beach strip, the boardwalk is the ideal place to watch the sun set at dinnertime.

Carmelit Underground Train, Haifa

For those touring or staying in Haifa, the Carmelit Underground Train is a handy and fun way to go from the Downtown Haifa area to the Carmel Center. Cut through the rock of Mount Carmel, the Carmelit (as it is called locally) provides easy transportation up the mountain with numerous stops at key locations. Starting from the bottom, at Paris Square in the Downtown area, the train climbs 900 feet with key stops that are close to museums, shops and a hospital until it reaches Gan Ha'Em, the final stop. From end-to-end the ride lasts just 8 minutes.

Lower Galilee

The Lower Galilee region of Israel is just a one hour drive from the main cities including Tel Aviv, yet is worlds away. The least hilly region of the Galilee, the Lower Galilee stretches from the Jezreel Valley (Valley of the Armageddon in Christianity) on the eastern slopes of Mount Carmel across to the Sea of Galilee. It includes Mount Tavor, Megiddo, Zippori and Mount Gilboa, the town of Nazareth, and amazing numbers of outdoor and leisure pursuits.

Ramat Hanadiv

Ramat Hanadiv is a unique site located just south of Zichron Yaakov on the southern slopes of Mount Carmel. Ramat Hanadiv is the memorial for the Baron Edmond de Rothschild whose influence was of great importance in establishing communities in the Land of Israel in the early twentieth century. The centerpiece of Ramat Hanadiv, and the fact for which it is most famous, are the beautifully maintained formal gardens which have incredible views and many peaceful and tranquil corners. Ramat Hanadiv also has a visitors center which tells the story of Ramat Hanadiv, and the eco credentials of the building itself which was the first ever certified green building in Israel.

Zichron Yaakov

Zichron Yaakov is one of the first 'modern' settlements in Israel. Located upon Mount Carmel, with magnificent views across the Coastal Plain to the Mediterranean, the town was founded in 1882 by 100 Jewish pioneers, returning to their Biblical homeland from Romania. Today, the town is a big tourist center - its quaint main shopping street is lined with cafes which sit alongside historic buildings, whilst the town is also famous for the Carmel Winery, one of Israel's top vineyards which is located here.


Haifa is Israel's third largest city, set on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Mediterranean. A traditionally working, industrial city, Haifa is not a tourist destination to rival its big relations Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, although it does have one or two sites which should not be missed. The most famous of these are the Bah'ai Gardens, the part of the international center of this small, yet fascinating religion, as well as Haifa's restored German Colony, and the National Museum of Science.

Pavo Brewery, Zichron Yaakov

The Pavo Brewery in Zichron Yaakov is one of Israel's leading micro-breweries. Founded in 2010, Pavo was one of a number of new micro-breweries to open in Israel in what has been a surge of openings over the past few years. Set on the outskirts of the quaint town of Zichron Yaakov, in a beautiful location on the edge of Mount Carmel, Pavo opens its doors to visitors who are welcomed to tour the brewery and taste the beers, and of course, enjoy them in its beer garden, bar, or restaurant!

Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum, Haifa

Just above the Bat Galim Promenade, at the foot of Mount Carmel in the city of Haifa, is the Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum. A large museum with many hands-on exhibits including two retired ships and a submarine on display and open for exploring, the museum is operated by the Israeli Navy and Ministry of Defence so don't be surprised to find the front door locked – the guards will open it for you and ask for identification. Once inside, a short video presentation is shown giving a brief overview of the Israeli Navy's history and then the large collection of both clandestine immigration and naval maps, photographs, articles and souvenirs can be browsed. Also, for those interested, a database of war medal and decoration recipients is available behind the guard's booth.

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

The Bahai Gardens is possibly the most distinct tourist attraction in all of Haifa, and is very likely the most visited. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals alike travel to the Bahai Gardens on Mount Carmel in Haifa, the most holy site of the Bahai faith. Last year alone, 750,000 people enjoyed the beautiful terraces of the Bahai Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Louis Promenade, Haifa

One of the loveliest places to walk and see in all of Haifa is the Louis Promenade on Mount Carmel. This pleasantly peaceful promenade etched onto the slope of Haifa's mountain is perfect for walks, jogs, runs and basking in the warm Mediterranean sun. With an exceptional view that extends from the city of Haifa to the distant white outcropping that is Rosh NaHikra, you can see the coastal cities of Nahariya, Akko (Acre) and the Krayot with the low, green mountains of the Western Galilee.

Haifa Educational Zoo

The Haifa Educational Zoo is an ideal place for families to visit while in Haifa. Originally built in 1949 by Pinchas Cohen as an education center for a neighboring school. After renovations in 2002 the zoo now hosts more than 100 species of wildlife, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and plantlife. Built on a beautiful nature reserve on Mount Carmel with views of the Mediterranean Sea, the zoo covers 35 dunams (8.6 acres) making it perfect for everyone, especially families with small children.

Sukkot in the North of Israel 2023

Sukkot in the North of Israel and the Galilee marks the end of summer and the start of the winter months, and a final rush of great events take place before the weather changes. Many nature-oriented and family-friendly festivals will take place during Sukkot in the Galilee and the North. This year Sukkot is September...

5 Great Places to Visit in the North of Israel

The North of Israel is otherwise known as the Galilee. It is often slightly overshadowed by some of the other places to visit in Israel. But, with so much beauty, history, culture, and, of course, adventure awaiting you in the North of Israel, it shouldn’t be that way. No matter what your interests, you should have a...

Where to Stay in Haifa

Wondering where to stay in Haifa? Israel’s third-largest city, Haifa sits surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on three sides. On its fourth stand the slopes of Mount Carmel. A settlement for some 3,000 years, a distinct set of neighborhoods have developed in the city. Each have their attractions, as you’ll soon discover....

5 of the Best National Parks in Israel to Visit

There are over forty national parks in Israel ranging from archaeological sites such as Caesarea National Park and Masada to sites of natural beauty such as the Carmel National Park. With so many parks to choose from, which are the ones that a tourist should try to find time in their itinerary to experience? In this article, we will list five of the best national parks in Israel to visit.

The Ultimate Haifa Bucket List

Haifa, beautifully located on the Mediterranean shoreline, is not only Israel’s third-largest city but also a treasure trove of history and spectacular sights. Haifa is not always on a tourist’s list of places to visit in Israel, but there are some sites here that should not be missed. We have put together a Haifa bucket...

Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and Holy Land

Tourist Israel’s Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and the Holy Land are a life-changing experience. Our spiritual pilgrim tours make dreams and visions come true, as we take groups of all denominations through the sites of the Bible, led by an experienced tour guide who will animate the experience. Our Pilgrimage Tours to Israel and the...

Ramot Menashe Trail – One Family’s Story

While many Israeli families use Passover holiday to travel overseas the Inon family started a tradition that follows the footsteps of Moses and the Children of Israel – a multi-day hiking vacation in Israel. This time they explored the new and beautiful Ramot Menashe Trail starting literally footsteps from the doorsteps of their home. Maoz...


Megiddo, an impressive site in the Lower Galilee region of northern Israel was once an ancient city was critical that dominated the Aruna Pass (Wadi Ara or Megiddo Pass) the entrance to one of the few passes through the Carmel Mountains. This gave those who occupied Megiddo incredible power over the Via Maris, the main...

Jezreel Valley

The Jezreel Valley (also known as Emek Yisrael and the Plain of Megiddo) is a beautiful area of the Galilee in Northen Israel, a strikingly flat landscape with immense natural beauty and historic importance. The Jezreel Valley is a haven for adventure and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as drawing those interested in its religious importance. It is named for an ancient city which stood here and means "God sows" perhaps alluding to the fertile land in the valley.

Haifa Cable Cars

The Haifa Cable Cars, located at the tip of Haifa that juts out into the Mediterranean, are fabulous both as a quick method of transportation and as a tourist attraction. Climbing up from beside the Bat Galim Promenade all the way up to Stella Maris, the top of the Carmel ridge, the Haifa cable cars provide a view of Haifa and the bay that must be seen.

Ein Hod Artists Colony

The Ein Hod Artists Colony lies in the heart of the Carmel Forest, just south of the city of Haifa - a wonderful village with windy streets, phenomenal vistas, and loads of little art galleries, mostly within the homes of residents. A visit to Ein Hod involves walking through quaint streets lined with galleries and the homes of artisans, taking in spectacular views, and maybe even a workshop. What makes Ein Hod special is the involvement of the artists - after all, how often can you chat to an artist in their own home about the piece of work they have just created.

Best Driving Roads in Israel

You'll quickly begin to wonder where the best driving roads in Israel are, as you drive through more and more spectacular and varied scenery that the country has to offer. Israel has some fantastic driving roads which weave through the magnificent landscapes of the country and provide drivers with amazing views and thrilling driving. In Israel, it isn't so much about speed but more about the significance of the roads, along the same mountainous ridges that Biblical battles took place, or alongside some of the most impressive works of nature.

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in Haifa is the only Japanese museum in all of the Middle East. Founded by a Holocaust survivor who hid his collection of Japanese artifacts somewhere in Holland during the war, the museum has much to offer – a genuine glimpse at the historical culture of Japan. From the samurai swords that ruled Japan with razor-sharp precision to the carefully crafted fans that imbues much of Japan's peaceful culture, the Tikotin museum is a home away from home for all things Japanese.

Israel’s Micro-Breweries

Some called 2011 the year for Israel's micro-breweries with a surge in the number of breweries operating across the country. In a similar way to how wineries have sprung up in every corner of Israel, micro-breweries have appeared at an incredibly rapid pace over the past few years, mostly by passionate Israeli beer lovers who strive to create beer better than anything made by the large, commercial breweries. Many of Israel's micro-breweries are open to the public with visitors centers and brewery tours both interesting and, of course, tasty!

5 of the Most Beautiful Places in Israel

Israel is a beautiful country, there’s no denying that fact. With its diverse landscapes and scenery, ranging from desert in the south to lush green hills in the north, that beauty is incredibly varied. While traveling in Israel you are almost certain to gasp in awe at the beauty this land has to offer. Here...

The Galilee

The Galilee makes up much of the north of Israel, totaling one-third of the whole country. Divided into three areas: the Lower Galilee, Upper Galilee, and Western Galilee, the Galilee has a hilly landscape with flat fertile plains, and an almost Tuscan-style appearance. The famous Sea of Galilee and River Jordan are located here, as are many pretty agricultural villages which sit alongside ancient ruins, and amazing hills and valleys which are mentioned throughout history as the location of famous battles and events.

Cruises to Israel

It is becoming more and more popular for tourists to take a cruise to Israel, with the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod featuring as stops on the itineraries of more and more cruise companies. The cruises stopping in Israel tend to stop for one night in Haifa and one night in Ashdod (south of Tel...

Israel’s Mediterranean Coast

Much of the west of is boarded by the Mediterreanean Sea. From the urban metropolis that is Tel Aviv, to the villages and remote beaches of the Western Galilee, this diverse and beautiful coastline. The Coastal Plain is home to most of Israel's population, urban, economic, cultural and leisure activities, including some of the country's coolest and most unique sites and activities.

Druze Hospitality

The Druze are a minority group who live peacefully in Israel and are renowned for their hospitality. Their villages in the Carmel and Golan regions offer not only an insight into their interesting religion, but great food as well! Isfiya and Daliyat El Carmel are two such villages located in the Carmel region, just north of Zichron Yaakov, and just over a one hour drive from Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Wine and Wineries

Israel has developed a world-class network of wineries stretching across the country. From the first vineyards built over 100 years ago, the country now has tens of vineyards producing high quality wines.

10 Best Tours in Israel

With so many sites to see in Israel, you might be asking yourself, which specific tours are the most worthwhile? Based on value, tour experience, and the destination’s significance, we’ve put together this list of the 10 best tours in Israel you can join. 1) Masada, Ein Gedi, and Dead Sea Day Tour This one...

First time In Israel: Visitor’s Guide

Israel: the country of your dreams. The perfect intersection of human history, vibrant Middle Eastern culture, sunshine, and parties, and of course, food. And now, you’re ready to visit for the first time. Located in the space where Asia, Europe and Africa meet, this small country has a big history, and was once known as...

Hanukkah in Israel

Hanukkah in Israel is an important and iconic festival, widely celebrated and marked by many symbolic events, customs and, of course, food. Though the spelling is very much contested – Hanuka, Chanukah, Hannukah are all acceptable options – it’s a time that everyone in Israel comes together to celebrate. The Festival of Light is an...

The Israel Bucket List – Top Things to do in Israel

Forget what you may have heard about travel in Israel: this ultimate bucket list is the resource you need for the must-sees in Israel for your trip. Israel is a small but diverse country that offers unique attractions to travelers of all ages and backgrounds. Whatever the purpose of your trip, this amazing country has...

10 Things to Bring on Your Israel Tour

Packing for a trip to the Middle East presents its own challenges, so we’ve curated a list of 10 things to bring on your Israel tour. Whether it’s a day in Jerusalem or a full tour of the Galilee, you want to prepare. Once you’ve packed all the necessities, you can just sit back, relax,...

Our Favorite Restaurants in Israel

With so many diverse culinary options out there, from upscale Indian eateries to decadent street burgers, it was hard to narrow down the list of our favorite restaurants in Israel. If the list below isn’t enough for you, try our Tel Aviv Food Tour Tour Of the Carmel Market for a deeper look at Israeli cuisine,...

Itinerary: One Week in Israel

Israel is a small country with a big personality – bursting with intoxicating scents, intense flavors, and buzzing energy. With so much to see and do, it’s worthwhile to plan your time efficiently to maximize your experience. Our Itinerary: One Week in Israel offers an insider’s guide for the ultimate 7-day adventure in the Holy...

Ferry from Haifa to Akko (Acre)

The ferry from Haifa to Akko allows visitors to both northern coastal cities to shuttle between the two easily. Ferries operate several times a day, seven days a week. The ride offers a beautiful and scenic alternative to driving, which can often be frustrating due to heavy traffic. Stunning views of the Carmel Mountains, downtown...

5 Hottest Summer Activities in Israel

With the summer temperatures rising, travelers and locals are looking for fun and engaging activities in Israel to beat the heat. Summer in Israel is a special time, with laid-back vibes, longer days and unique energy unlike any other place, here are 5 hottest summer activities in Israel worth checking out. Drink up What better...

Airline Crew Layover in Tel Aviv Guide

Cabin crew from all international airlines are known to have quick layovers all over the world. Ranging from one to three days, knowing how to make the most of a city, in a small amount of time is a specialty of the layover life of the cabin crew. Whether you are part of the flight...

Best Day Trips from Tel Aviv

While visiting Tel Aviv, do not miss out on some of the best day trips from the city. Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in the country and has plenty of exciting areas to explore and a very popular nightlife scene. Whether you are visiting the city for 24 hours or more than a week,...

Best Day Tours in Israel

With so much choice, choosing the best day tours in Israel to take during your trip can be difficult. Sometimes a tour can make an experience infinitely better; at other times, you might wish that you had just explored alone. With that in mind, we set out to bring you a list of the best day...

King George Street, Tel Aviv

The urban core of Tel Aviv is quite small, so after even a few days in Israel's capital of cool, you'll start getting to know its smaller nooks and crannies. In particular, each of Tel Aviv's several main streets and boulevards has its own identity and feel. King George Street is one of the most iconic roads in Tel Aviv. Centrally located yet peaceful, cosmopolitan yet bohemian, King George Street provides not only a fulfilling tourist experience, but also a glimpse into the everyday lives of local Israelis who call the surrounding neighborhood home.

Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Israel

Wheelchair accessible travel is becoming increasingly available across the globe, and wheelchair accessible travel in Israel is possible at a number of sites. From national parks and urban beaches to historic sites and expansive museums, wheelchairs are welcome! In addition to finding readily available ramps and assistance, wheelchair friendly transport is also available. We’re able...

Spas in Israel

Israel is home to some of the best spas in the world, so come and chill out in style! Criss-crossed by spas offering varied treatments from across the world, Israelis are big on their treatments, and whether it involves a quiet weekend retreat in a rural corner of the country or the center of a major city, there is a huge selection of spas to choose from.