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Restaurants in Tel Aviv

  • Ca Phe Hanoi Vienamese Restaurant Tel Aviv

    Ca Phe Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant Tel Aviv

    Looking for authentic Vietnamese food that also happens to be kosher? Ca Phe Hanoi offers the traditional flavors of Vietnam, infused with the vibrancy of Tel Aviv. The brainchild of restauranteurs... explore more
  • _DSC1532

    Salva Vida: Tel Aviv's low-tech, high-taste Restaurant

    The Salva Vida restaurant at Tel Aviv’s Brown TLV Hotel, the latest work of Israeli chef, Yuval Fachler might take the crown of being Tel Aviv’s most innovative restaurant for the summer of... explore more
  • Zepra1

    Zepra, Tel Aviv

    The name ‘Zepra’ in Tel Aviv is an amalgamation of the Hebrew words for zebra (zebra) and bird (tzippor). Creating the image therefore of a zebra with wings or a bird... explore more
  • Milgo1

    Milgo & Milbar, Tel Aviv

    A seafood restaurant with a European atmosphere, Milgo and Milbar, sits at one of the best corners in Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard and Habima Square. Opened in 2013, the restaurant features a fun and lively central bar area... explore more
  • Toko1

    TOKO, Tel Aviv

    TOKO is the Tel Aviv outpost of Manhattan’s renowned restaurant Sushi Samba. Its unique Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian fusion of tastes, flavours, music and design creates a culinary revolution and a lively, fine-dining experience. Chef... explore more
  • Messa2

    Messa, Tel Aviv

    Following two years of meticulous planning the culinary masterwork  of Chef Aviv Moshe, Messa, in Tel Aviv, showcased in a striking décor styled by interior designer Alex Miltis, came to fruition in... explore more
  • Yassou

    Yassou, Tel Aviv

    Fancy a change from Israeli cuisine of hummus and falafel?  How about authentic Mediterranean Greek food?  Yassou joins the foods and flavours of Greece with the fun vibe of Tel Aviv. ... explore more
  • Bellini1

    Bellini, Tel Aviv

    Bellini brings an authentic Italian atmosphere to the quaint neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv. An Italian restaurant, Bellini is set in the piazza at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Israel’s... explore more
  • Smoked salmon and potato blinis at Hugo restaurant. Image: Daniel Laylah

    Hugo, Tel Aviv

    In the beautiful Old Railway Station (Hatchana) in Tel Aviv, Hugo is a restaurant with an enviable setting and a brilliant menu. Located on the first floor, above one of the... explore more
  • Giraffe offers a unique range of fusion foods

    Giraffe Officer's Club, Tel Aviv

    Award winning Israeli restaurant, Giraffe launched in 1996 in Tel Aviv as the first Pan-Asian restaurant in the country. Today it is considered to be a leading restaurant organisation in Israel,... explore more