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  • Main room of the restaurant. Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Lara, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan The restaurant Lara in Jerusalem is the place to go if you would like to eat at the restaurant whose chef-owner caters some of the Prime Minister’s luncheons... explore more
  • balkani1

    Palogi Restaurant, Binyamina

    In the small town of Binyamina is Palogi, the restaurant which has become a firm favorite among locals who come here for every occasion – for a coffee or breakfast, to a family... explore more
  • Bardoni. Mezze-appetizers and salads. Photo by Barry A. Kaplan/Jerusalem

    Bardoni, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan Although I have not been to Lebanon, I would imagine the food of the Bardoni restaurant in Jerusalem (formerly Minaret) is typical Lebanese fare. Saleh Bardoni is owner of... explore more
  • Hamotzi Appetizers Photo by Barry A. Kaplan Jerusalem

    Hamotzi, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan In one of the alleys between Agrippas and Jaffa Road is an area in front of a restaurant, packed with full capacity of 25-30 at the tables. Large picture... explore more
  • Terrace rooftop restaurant Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Cheese and Wine Rooftop Restaurant, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan From Cheese and Wine, the garden-top restaurant which can seat 120, at the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame in Jerusalem, one gets a magnificent view of East Jerusalem, the... explore more
  • Fish and chips at La Cafeteria Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    La Cafeteria, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan If you are in Jerusalem or coming during the Olympics, you can see the Olympics on a large screen, every evening from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. or... explore more
  • Montefiore, Yemin Moshe (under the windmill) - Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Montefiore, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan Imagine a restaurant with atmosphere, a spectacular view and outstanding, gourmet Italian food. It’s Montefiore, right in Jerusalem, by the windmill. Ahmad Gubron has been with the restaurant in... explore more
  • The beautiful building housing the Pavo Brewery

    Pavo Brewery, Zichron Yaakov

    The Pavo Brewery in Zichron Yaakov is one of Israel’s leading micro-breweries. Founded in 2010, Pavo was one of a number of new micro-breweries to open in Israel in what has... explore more
  • Chef Yisrael of Racha Restaurant - Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Racha, Jerusalem

    Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan Racha is the highland area in the northwestern corner of western Georgia. It was a sovereign state bounded by the Black Sea on the west, Russiaon the north,... explore more
  • Giraffe Restaurant, Israel

    Giraffe Noodle Bar, Rishon Lezion

    Award winning Israeli restaurant, Giraffe launched in 1996 in Tel Aviv as the first Pan-Asian restaurant in the country. Today it is considered to be a leading restaurant organisation in Israel,... explore more