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  • Foccacia Bar the tabun in front of the kitchen

    Focaccia Bar Kosher, Jerusalem

    In 1995, Mazal and Ram Yedid and Ram’s brother, Guy Yedid, opened Focaccia Bar, a non-kosher, very popular restaurant off Hillel Street, in a 19th century house, with a taboun, a... explore more
  • Picked vegetables are part of the furniture at Hasadna. Barry Kaplan

    Hasadna, The Culinary Workshop, Jerusalem

    The dictionary defines a workshop as “a room, area or small establishment where manual or light industrial work is done” or “an educational seminar.” One might also think of it as... explore more
  • Beet, endive and goat cheese salad at Al Dente in Jerusalem. Photo Barry A Kaplan

    Al Dente, Jerusalem

    The restaurant Al Dente, in Jerusalem is situated on the Bezalel side of the neighborhood of Nachlaot. On Ushishhkin Street sits a wood frame building with a glassed-in porch with stone... explore more
  • Chakra interior

    Cafe Chakra, Jerusalem

    Location. Location. Location is the mantra of public relations people when being involved with openings of certain places and it certainly fits Cafe Chakra, right on King George, on the route... explore more
  • Angelica bread and dips Photo by Barry A. Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Angelica, Jerusalem

    To make a pun, an evening dinner at the Angelica restaurant in Jerusalem is about as close to “heavenly” as one can get, especially if your host is co-owner and chef,... explore more
  • In the Kitchen at Yan in Jerusalem. Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Yan, Jerusalem

    By Sybil Kaplan The restaurant, Yan, in Jerusalem is the place to go if you want the best Asian food available in a restaurant with a number of unique aspects. Yan (a... explore more
  • Foccacia with sundried tomatoes and olives Photo by Barry A. Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Olive and Fish, Jerusalem

    By Sybil Kaplan Rafi Nahum has been in the restaurant business for 30 years, primarily motivated by his late father-in-law – the Cardo in the Jewish Quarter, Olive on Emek Refaim (which... explore more
  • Alma Home-made laffa bread with dips and vegetable salad Photo by Barry A. Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Alma, Jerusalem

    By Sybil Kaplan Eight years ago, two brothers decided to open a bar on Rivlin Street; one was a chef. After four years, in March 2008, they decided they liked food more... explore more
  • Smoked salmon and potato blinis at Hugo restaurant. Image: Daniel Laylah

    Hugo, Tel Aviv

    In the beautiful Old Railway Station (Hatchana) in Tel Aviv, Hugo is a restaurant with an enviable setting and a brilliant menu. Located on the first floor, above one of the... explore more
  • Ticho Salad Photo by Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Anna Ticho Restaurant, Jerusalem

    The ‘Little Jerusalem’ restaurant at Anna Ticho House is nestled in the heart of downtown Jerusalem, off HaRavKook Street, between Jaffa Road and Haneveiim Street. One walks a stone path through... explore more