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  • ShoshRoasted_Vegtables_and_Labaneh_Cheese_Antipasti

    Shosh, Jerusalem

    Shosh, now a local institution in the Katamon neighborhood, was founded four years ago, by Jerusalemitee Nir Efrati. Shosh is a truly neighborhood café in Rehavia, where people come to eat on... explore more
  • Yassou

    Yassou, Tel Aviv

    Fancy a change from Israeli cuisine of hummus and falafel?  How about authentic Mediterranean Greek food?  Yassou joins the foods and flavours of Greece with the fun vibe of Tel Aviv. ... explore more
  • Wall_at_Back_of_Restaurant_with_Railroad_Signs

    Landwer Cafe, Jerusalem

    If you are coming to Jerusalem soon and can arrange to have breakfast or brunch (lunch and dinner too!) in a place with atmosphere, nostalgia, history and outstanding food, you must... explore more
  • Halita'tea Mint tea with lemon verbena in a tea pot; chai on the right. JPG

    Halita'tea, Jerusalem

    How do you say “sipping tea” in Hebrew slang? Halita’tea. Where do you go for 60 different kinds of tea to buy and take home or a cup of tea with... explore more
  • DSC_0019-003

    Maalot, Jerusalem

    In Jerusalem, the restaurant Maalot is a great option if you are looking for a charming and, intimate place to dine. Inside the L-shaped restaurant with ceiling fans and trac lights;... explore more
  • Image Barry A Kaplan, Jerusalem

    Adom, Jerusalem

    Walk through the gate of the renovated railway station in Jerusalem and you’ll see the Adom restaurant located on the left. It is both elegant and simple in design, showing its... explore more
  • GabrielaCucina4

    Gabriela Cucina Restaurant, Jerusalem

    The Gabriela Cucina restaurant in downtown Jerusalem is housed in a stone, two-story building, which looks like it might have been someone’s home 100 years ago, set in a charming no-traffic street... explore more
  • Jacko's Street

    Shuk Machaneh Yehudah, Jerusalem’s open produce market has long needed an upscale, gourmet-type, kosher restaurant. Since early 2013, Chef Zakai Huja (called “Jacko” by his friends), and his friends, Rafi Revivo... explore more
  • ApplePear1 Barry

    Pear and Apple, Jerusalem

    Whether you call it Agas ve Tapuach, Pera e Mela or Pear and Apple, this is a great restaurant in Jerusalem, a warm atmosphere and a fun place to eat. Our hostess... explore more
  • Bellini1

    Bellini, Tel Aviv

    Bellini brings an authentic Italian atmosphere to the quaint neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv. An Italian restaurant, Bellini is set in the piazza at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Israel’s... explore more