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  • HPIM0209

    Kibbutz Inbar Country Lodging, Galilee

    Stay in a secret haven in the heart of the Galilee at the country guest house and B&B at Kibbutz Inbar. Located conveniently about twenty minutes from the Sea of Galilee and within ...explore
  • DSC_1939

    Arbel Holiday Homes

    [ngg-nivoslider effect=”fade” gallery=32] Located in the village of Arbel, set high above the Sea of Galilee in the north of Israel, Arbel Holiday Homes has eight Scandinavian style private wooden guest cabins and is ...explore
  • Fauzi

    Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth

    [ngg-nivoslider effect=”fade” gallery=2] The Fauzi Azar Inn is an international award winning guest house located in the fascinating city of Nazareth. Converted from a 200 year old Arab mansion, the Fauzi provides guests with ...explore

    Kadarim Galilee B&B, Galilee

    Kadarim Galilee B&B is a small kibbutz bed and breakfast set in a magnificent position overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the north of Israel. Offering guests the choice of a holiday apartment ...explore
  • Moran1

    Kibbutz Moran Country Lodging, Galilee

    Beautifully located in the rolling green hills of the Galilee in northern Israel, Kibbutz Moran Country Lodging offers 28 spacious and modern guest rooms. Perfect for couples or families, Kibbutz Moran Country Lodging ...explore
  • Tuval5

    Kibbutz Tuval Country Lodging

    In the rolling green hills of the northern Galilee, the country lodging at Kibbutz Tuval offers simple yet high quality accommodation. Perfect for couples, families or groups, Kibbutz Tuval offers great accommodation whether ...explore
  • GalileeBedouin

    Galilee Bedouin Camplodge

    Tucked away in the heart of the Jezreel valley in the north of Israel, the Galilee Bedouin Camplodge offers unique accommodation quite unlike anything else you’re ever likely to encounter. The spacious and comfortable tents and ...explore
  • genghis0

    Ghengis Khan in the Golan, Golan

    [ngg-nivoslider effect=”fade” gallery=18] Ghenghis Khan in the Golan is a Mongolian tent village located in the Golan Heights, just east of the Sea of Galilee. A totally unique place to stay, Ghengis Khan in ...explore
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    Gilboa Guest House, Galilee

    [ngg-nivoslider effect=”fade” gallery=29] The Gilboa Guest House, in the village of Gidona at the foot of the striking Mount Gilboa in the Lower Galilee of northern Israel is the perfect place for a few ...explore
  • Arbelit2

    Arbelit Village Zimmers, Galilee

    [ngg-nivoslider effect=”fade” gallery=26] Located within striking distance of the Sea of Galilee, in one of the most beautiful areas of Israel, Arbelit Village is a collection of six luxurious private zimmers. Each zimmer is ...explore