Piano Festival, Tel Aviv. November 5-8, 2014

The Piano Festival is an annual event taking place in Tel Aviv showcasing a range of music over its six days. With most concerts taking place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the festival includes some of the largest names in Israeli music showing their fans, and music appreciators from around the world slightly new and diverse takes on the songs they are known for. The 2014 Piano Festival, Tel Aviv, will take place between November 5-9 with most of the largest concerts at the Suzanne Dellal Centre.


The concert program is only available in Hebrew, as most of the music is in Hebrew, and has a complicated structure. Many of the largest names in Israeli music of today and yesterday will be performing, including Shlomo Gronich, Rotem Cohen, Yuval Banai, Riff Cohen, Tamar Eisenman and Shlomi Shaban.

The full program for the festival and ticket information can be found at pianofestival.co.il

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