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Negev Highlands (Ramat Negev) Region

  • Biking along the Negev Desert's great trails

    Biking in the Negev

    Biking in the Negev in southern Israel is becoming an increasingly popular way for Israelis and tourists alike to explore the beautiful Negev, and satisfy their passions for cycling. Over the... explore more
  • Revivim

    Revivim - Kibbutz & Desert Agriculture

    Kibbutz Revivim the Negev Desert of southern Israel is a pioneering center for desert agriculture, established in 1943 as an agricultural research station. Revivim played a huge part in the massive... explore more
  • The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon)

    The Ramon Crater in Israel’s Negev Desert is the world’s largest erosion crater or makhtesh. A landform unique to Israel’s Negev and Egypt’s Sinai deserts’, a makhtesh is a large erosion... explore more