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Negev Highlands (Ramat Negev) Region

  • ZinHiketrailhead.jpg

    Zin Valley-Ein Akev Hike

    The hike in the Zin Valley is a classic desert hike – a trail that has it all: amazing views of the wilderness of the Zin Valley, the biggest spring in the Negev, Ein Akev,... explore more
  • Road40

    Traveling in the Negev on Road 40

    Road 40 is a north south route across Israel, and the main highway heading through the center of the Negev, linking Beer Sheva, Mitzpe Ramon, and Eilat, as well as tens... explore more

    Israel's Desert Agriculture

    Desert agriculture in Israel is one of the country’s greatest successes, and something at which Israel leads the world. The Negev Desert which covers over 60% of the country has actually... explore more
  • Ezuz

    Ezuz in the Negev Desert is a unique community of artists and creatives. Located on a beautiful hilltop overlooking some breathtaking desert scenery, the village is home to less than 15... explore more
  • Shivta is located in the wilderness of the Negev Desert surrounded by impressive landscapes


    Shivta, in Israel’s Negev Desert is a Nabatean City that forms part of the series of UNESCO Heritage Site Desert Cities which were part of the Nabatean Spice Route, transporting frankincense... explore more
  • SandBoards

    Sand Boarding in Israel

    Sand boarding is one sport that requires large areas of desert sand dunes. And Israel has that! With over 50% of Israel covered by the Negev Desert, sand surfing in the... explore more
  • The tasting room at the Boker Valley Vineyard

    Negev Desert Wine Route

    The Negev Wine Route is something surprising! Amid the harsh desert scenery which dominates the landscape of southern Israel, a series of vineyards has been built over the last decade by... explore more
  • The Zin Valley which Ein Avdat is part of. Credit: Tal Gluck

    Ein Avdat & Zin Valley

    Ein Avdat is undoubtedly one of Israel’s most striking and beautiful sites. Set within the incredible landscape of the Zin Valley in the center of Israel’s Negev Desert, Ein Avdat National Park offers spectacular panoramas... explore more
  • Ben Gurion's Hut

    Sde Boker

    The kibbutz of Sde Boker is famous as the home of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister whose home is now a museum open to the public, and is the... explore more
  • Camel riding in the Negev

    Bedouin Hospitality

    Bedouin hospitality experiences including camel riding, Bedouin food, and staying overnight in traditional Bedouin tents are an increasingly popular experience for tourists in Israel. The Bedouins are a group of nomadic tribes who... explore more