Made in the City Festival, Jerusalem, November, 2014

Made in Jerusalem Festival. Image Nadav Ariel

An innovative cultural festival will take place in Jerusalem during November. Featuring a series of interesting events, the festival will take place across three weeks and feature music, art, performance, and food, from a diverse array of local talents. The festival runs throughout the month of November 2014 and highlights can be found below.

Just Singing – November 6, 2014

In Shushan Street, a ‘three dimensional’ event will feature music, food, and party, with Jewish and Arab performers creating a unique fusion of sounds and flavors to create a large outdoor event. The main stage will feature the band, Yemen Blues, as well as one of the world’s most prominent Arab singers, Lubna Salame. The culinary line-up of the event will feature a ‘coexistent’ menu with leading chefs combining Arab and Jewish flavors in a food truck, imported from the USA. The after-party will feature a diverse range of events in four local bars.

The event begins at 8pm. Entrance is free. Food dishes cost 15-20 NIS.

Indie City Festival – November 12, 2014

The Indie City festival, which was postponed from the summer, returns in November to the Russian Compound with a great line-up including some of the most exciting names in the Israeli music scene. Full details can be found here.

‘The Elephant Wakes up’ – November 20, 2014

Image Zovit Aheret

In the monstrous ‘Clal Building’ in the city center, a cultural takeover will transform the grey structure into an amazing event space for one night only. The event will feature rave art, music and performances from young Jerusalem artists including some incredible interactive artistic installations, and a diverse line-up of interesting musical acts. There will also be tours into the ‘depths’ of the building every 30 minutes.

The event begins at 8pm. Entrance is free.

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