Kayaking and Rafting on the River Jordan

Jordan River Rafting by sachlav_texas, on Flickr
Jordan River Rafting by sachlav_texas, on Flickr

Kayaking or Rafting on the River Jordan might not quite match with the initial image people have of a Biblical stories, but once you’ve seen the Jordan from a kayak on a hot summers day, you’ll have a totally different take on the matter! And its not an activity reserved for those into extreme sports. The kayaks on the Jordan come aren’t really conventional kayaks but more like large inflatable rafts for two to five people.

The kayak centers are all based in the Upper Galilee – north of the Sea of Galilee, where the Jordan is a wider river than it is to the south.

A member of Kibbutz Kfar Blum thought up the idea of kayaking on the river in 1986. Now a few Kibbutzim in the region offer kayaks and rafts along the Hatzbani River, into the Jordan River. The standard routes take about an hour and a half, although many extend this by stopping on the lush grassed banks for a break.

At Kfar HaGoshrim, the kayaking route includes a kayak slipway. The kibbutz has a family route for families with children who are five years old and over – four miles in length – taking about an hour. There is also have a challenge route that takes up to two hours.

At the bottom of the course, both there is an area to relax – with a cafe. There are also buses running back up to the start point, and your car!

Kayaking can be booked here from $23 per person

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