Jerusalem Walking Tours

Jerusalem walking tours are a great way to immerse yourself in the unique experience that a tour of Jerusalem provides. There are a huge range of walking tours of Jerusalem available, from the Old City to modern new city, and from a couple of hours to a full day, or longer, private or in a group, this page will outline some of the options.

Private Jerusalem Walking Tours

Private Jerusalem walking tours are the ultimate way to explore Jerusalem. With a private guide, the walking tour (usually one day, but sometimes longer or shorter), is totally customized to your interests and requirements.

Designed to last one day, a private tour of Jerusalem can be customized to your interests and run at your preferred pace. If history and religion is what you’re interested in, then the tour might take you to the Old City, exploring the different quarters, ramparts of the city walls, and perhaps some of the museums, synagogues, churches or mosques that sit within them. Outside the Old City, you might want to explore the Kidron Valley, City of David, or some of the sites and sounds of central modern Jerusalem.

Price: $350 for the guiding for the day with a fully licensed tour guide. For further information or to book one of our recommended guides for your private tour fill out the form below. For more information about options, see our article about private Jerusalem day tours.

Jerusalem Group Tours

The standard Jerusalem group bus tours include a walking element, generally spending half the day in the Old City as a walking tour, and the other half in the modern parts of the city, exploring museums and observation points. For information, read about our Best of Jerusalem Day Tour and other Jerusalem day tours, many of which start by exploring the city before venturing to nearby destinations. These can start from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. You can also tour Jerusalem from Eilat on the Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Dead Sea Day Tour from Eilat.

Other Jerusalem Walking Tours

  • Jerusalem Photography Tours – For those who want to combine exploring Jerusalem with their passion for photography, these tours are run by an experienced photographer who introduces Jerusalem through a photography workshop. You design the itinerary together, he provides tips, knowledge, and, of course, the photo opportunities.
  • Mahane Yehuda Market Tours – Available both as private and group tours, these Jerusalem walking tours allow you to explore the sights and sounds of the busy market, and are followed by a cookery workshop.

More information about walking tours

For further information on any of these Jerusalem Walking tours fill out the form below and we can make the necessary arrangements for you.