Jerusalem Knights Festival. November, 2014

The Jerusalem Knights Festival is held in the Old City of Jerusalem every year in Autumn-time. The Jerusalem Knights Festival is a medieval style celebration in the unique setting of the Old City of Jerusalem. It will feature tens of performers ranging from musicians to jesters, all in the style of Ye Olde times, combining to fill the hidden corners of the Christian Quarter of the Old City to create an enchanted and exciting experience from early evening into the night. Update –  The festival has been canceled.

2014 Jerusalem Knights Festival

Musicians and dancers, magicians and fortune tellers, knights and princesses, troubadours, jesters and peddlers, will be among the performers in this totally unique series of events in which the usually surprising Old City is transformed once again.

Entering through the Jaffa Gate visitors to the Jerusalem Knights Festival enter a ancient world reborn, meeting familiar characters from by-gone eras, listening to music from far-away places, enjoy exhibitions by dancers, fire-eaters, acrobats, and actors, and taking part in an extraordinary and unusual experience, all in the unique atmosphere between the walls of the old city. The event’s exciting route will take you in a circle, from Jaffa Gate to the Muristan and back again.


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