Geek Picnic – A futuristic Luna Park for the whole family in Jerusalem, Israel. April 25-27, 2016

IMG_8636 (1) (1)The first international edition of the Geek Picnic is taking place this passover in Jerusalem, Israel. The Geek Picnic is a science, technology and art festival to make you experience all that is “geek chic”: from revolutionary scientific research to the latest high-tech gadget. The event takes place on three days during Passover. Buy your tickets early for the event on April 25, April 26, or April 27.

Jerusalem’s Sacher Park has been chosen as the first international, outside Russia, open-air foray for this sensational event, which has been taking place annually in St.Petersburg, from 2011, and has quickly become a global phenomenon, joined by enthusiasts from all over the world. Israel, the start-up nation, represents a fitting setting where to venture for an international edition of the Geek Picnic, and Jerusalem, with its unique mix of academic and technological excellency alongside its historical and spiritual heritage, was selected after careful consideration for its potential to offer fertile ground for the festival to grow in new, groundbreaking and inspiring directions.

The array of events and attractions at the Geek Picnic is meant for different kinds of audience: professionals, geek enthusiasts or families looking for fun and educational entertainment.



  • The Robotic Garden – Zoo of robots of various sizes and shapes, from all over the world.
  • The Third Industrial Revolution – Have you ever imagined printing an espresso? Check-out the most ground-breaking uses of 3D printers.
  • The Makers –  Some of the most influential inventors and artists in the world today are here for you to meet them.
  • Digital Art – Art and science fuse in performances combining multiple technologies, dance and music.
  • Gaming Zone – It cannot miss a gaming zone, for all geeks who love to play with the support latest technological toys.
  • The Virtual Realm – 2016 is the year of virtual reality. As many devices are becoming available to the general public, Geek Picnic showcases some of the most sophisticated virtual reality techonology, for you to try and be mind-blown!
  • Geeks and Gadget Market – The biggest fair of all-that’s-geek.
  • Wearable technologies – 3D printed clothing, try them on!
  • Bionics and Cyborgs – Techonology used to improve the human body. This interesting, at times controversial field has a space at the Geek Picnic through the stories and experiences of people that, for disabilities or desire to “upgrade” have become “super-human”.
  • The Lightning Show – The Tesla Coils turns into an electrifying show of high-tension lightning dance.
  • I Love Science – Conferences by more than 50 speakers, live demonstrations, experiments and discussion forums.

The Geek Picnic will take place in Sacher Park, Jerusalem, on April 25 from 9:00 to 14:30, on April 26, all day, and on April 27, all day. For early birds the ticket costs 124 ILS,  while regular ticket price is 144 ILS. Buy your tickets for the event on April 25, April 26, or April 27.

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