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Places to Visit in the Galilee

  • Safed

    Safed's Artists' Quarter

    The famous Artists’ Quarter in the Old City of Safed (pronounced “Tzfat” by the locals) is one of the many treasures belonging to the Upper Galilee. The rich history, holy importance... explore more
  • The narrow alleyways of Safed by Adam Reeder, via Flickr


    Safed is not only one of Israel’s holiest cities, it is also the highest city in the Holy Land. Set in the dense pine forests of the Upper Galilee, overlooking Tiberias... explore more
  • The beautiful Galilee region through which the hike passes. Image: Ministry for the Development of the Negev & Galil

    Yam lYam Hike

    The Yam lYam Hike (Sea to Sea) is one of the most popular hiking trails in Israel literally crossing the country from west to east, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea... explore more
  • Bahai Gardens - Shrine of the Bab

    Bahai Gardens in Haifa

    The Bahai Gardens is possibly the most distinct tourist attraction in all of Haifa, and is very likely the most visited. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals alike... explore more
  • Haifa Educational Zoo

    Haifa Educational Zoo

    The Haifa Educational Zoo is an ideal place for families to visit while in Haifa. Originally built in 1949 by Pinchas Cohen as an education center for a neighboring school. After renovations... explore more
  • Spa1 (Baba1948)

    Spas in Israel

    Israel is home to some of the best spas in the world, so come and chill out in style! Criss-crossed by spas offering varied treatments from across the world, Israelis are... explore more
  • Banias Waterfall

    The Banias Waterfall provides one of Israel’s most beautifully tranquil spots. Set within the Banias Nature Reserve in the Golan, the Banias is a spring which rises from the base of Mount Hermon,... explore more
  • Alternative Things to do in Haifa: Masada Street

    Haifa in the north of Israel, is the country’s third city. This article explores the cool things to do in Haifa, a city which they say works while Tel Aviv plays,... explore more
  • Mount Hermon Ski Resort

    Mount Hermon Ski Resort is Israel’s only winter ski and snowboard resort located in the Golan Heights in the far north of the country. It is amazing to think that in... explore more
  • Nazareth

    Nazareth is described by some as ‘the Forgotten Son’ of Israeli tourism. Nazareth, located in Israel’s Galilee region not only has over a dozen important Christian sites, but as Israel’s largest Arab city,... explore more