Dudu Tassa in Tel Aviv, Israel. April 8, 2019

Dudu Tassa

Dudu Tassa will perform in Tel Aviv, Israel on April 8, 2019. One of the most prominent Israeli rock musicians, Dudu Tassa is known both for his solo career and his band Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis. Dudu Tassa is also known for the song “At the End, You Get Used to Everything” on his 6th album featuring Jonny Greenwood, the lead guitarist from Radiohead.
Dudu Tassa will perform at the Barby, in Tel Aviv on April 8, 2019, with doors opening at 20:30. Tickets are 115 NIS in advance, 130 at the door.

Event Booking Details

Event Date: 08/04/2019

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