Backpacking in Israel

Israel is a country of travelers, and the result is a growing network which is making backpacking in Israel more popular and possible than ever. It is a country with massive cultural diversity to immerse yourself in, amazing historic and geographic sites to explore, and incredible facilities, hostels, and tours tailored and suited to backpackers and independent travelers. The amazing selection of what to do in Israel means that it is possible to visit Israel and have a trip that is totally tailored to your individual interests. This article will try to be a starting point for anyone planning a backpacking tour in Israel.

Places to Visit

Backpacking in Israel
The beautiful sites of Jerusalem. Credit:

Almost everyone backpacking in Israel (or visiting otherwise for that matter) visits Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, and Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is probably the world’s capital of religion, its Old City contains important holy sites for Jews, Muslims and Christians, and its narrow alleyways are steeped in history. The Old City of Jerusalem is a fascinating place to explore, and somewhere you could spend anywhere from one day to one week. Outside the Old City, Modern Jerusalem also has a range of places you should be sure to include in your visit to Israel. The Machane Yehuda Market, for instance, the main marketplace in Jerusalem is a bustling Middle Eastern Shuk, and the German Colony and its main street, Emek Refaim, is lined with great restaurants and cafes, in converted German Templar Buildings. There are also many top museums in Jerusalem, the two most noteworthy of which are Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust Memorial, somewhere which should be included on any trip to Israel, and the Israel Museum, one of Israel’s premier museums which has an amazing selection of archaeological and historic artifacts.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and somewhere that everyone should visit in Israel, whilst Masada, the ancient fortress which sits aside it, is traditionally climbed via the snake path. Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural and commercial capital, a city of immense activity, nightlife, leisure, and fun. Explore Tel Aviv by walking at day, and partying at night. In the north of Israel, the Galilee is full of historic Biblical sites, as well as beautiful almost Tuscan landscapes. It is a land of sheer beauty.

The Dead Sea by Brian Negin, on Flickr
The Dead Sea by Brian Negin, on Flickr

As well as the great range of places to visit in Israel, there are also amazing things to do if you’re backpacking in Israel. Almost anything conceivable is possible, hikingextreme sports, adventures, you name it, you can do it in Israel.

Tours for Backpackers

Special Israel tours are run for independent travelers although the incredible array of tours that are available for everyone will appeal to those backpacking in Israel as well. These include tours to Masada and the Dead Sea, tours of Jerusalem, and tours to the Galilee and Coastal Plain. For more information, see the whole range of tours for independent travelers in Israel.

Accommodation for Backpacking in Israel

Finding hostels in Israel is also not a difficult task with the Israeli hostel industry one of the world-leaders. See our article about the best hostels in Israel, for some of the best picks. These are located across the country, and between them, you could pretty well stay for your whole time backpacking in Israel. Alternatively, see all the hostels in Israel in our hotel section.

One extra advice: The best way to stay connected while backpacking is by renting an Israeli SIM card or phone. Check out this article for more infos and to rent your SIM card online.

So, explore this site, ask any questions, decide what to do in Israel, where you are going to stay, and what Israel tours you will take, and you will, before long, have an amazing itinerary, and an amazing trip ahead.

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