Aviv Geffen Concerts in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Aviv Geffen is one of Israel’s most legendary rock singers. Geffen’s career spans over twenty years, and he is widely associated with creating some of the most iconic and progressive songs in modern Israeli history, as well as for an international career which saw him as progressive rock duo Blackfield, alongside Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree. Among Aviv Geffen’s most iconic songs are some of the biggest rock songs in Israeli history and anthems which came to be associated with some of the darkest times in Israeli history. A short European career has seen some of Geffen’s greatest hits translated into English, however it is still in Israel where Aviv Geffen maintains his loyal base. Aviv Geffen’s upcoming concerts in Israel include:

  • January 9, 2015 – Aviv Geffen and the Mistakes in Tel Aviv

Among Aviv Geffen’s most iconic music are alternative and punk-rock songs HaShir Shelanu (Our Song), Or Hayareah (Light of the Moon), as well as songs which identify with the national mood of Israel – most notably Everybody’s Child, a song sung to raise awareness about the release of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured in Gaza, Shir Tikvah (the Song of Hope), and, perhaps more notably than anything else, Cry for You, which was dedicated to Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1994 at a peace rally in Tel Aviv – Geffen was one of the last people to embrace the leader.

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Event Date: 09/01/2015

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