Ah, Jerusalem!

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Ah, Jerusalem!, a new English-language musical about Jerusalem will be playing in the city during the Spring and Summer of 2013. Produced by Broadway and Hollywood veteran Bernie Kukoff, who also created  ‘The Cosby Show”, in cooperation with Jerusalem-based composer Danny Paller, the musical takes visitors on a journey through the tumultuous history of this unique city. The show is unprecedented, setting a new standard of international-quality theater in Jerusalem. Perfect for visitors to the city,  providing them with a light-hearted journey through Jerusalem across the ages.

Ah, Jerusalem! is running at the Tower of David

Upcoming dates

October 11 at the Tower of David

Tickets are 80 NIS and are on sale at www.ahjerusalem.com

Ah, Jerusalem! follows the Axelrod family from Indianapolis who take a last-minute three-day trip to Jerusalem and travel back in time with the help of their tour guide Shmulik. They visit various time periods throughout the history of the city, each time meeting and having an unexpected and profound encounter with a recognizable figure from that period in history. Lighthearted, with great music, the show is truly the perfect family-friendly evening activity in Jerusalem for 2013.


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