A-Sham Arab Food Festival in Haifa, Israel. December 6-7, 2018

The fourth annual A-Sham Arab Food Festival will take place in Haifa, Israel on December 6 and December 7, 2018. With dozens of leading Arab and Jewish chefs from across the country, a guest chef from Turkey, chef Kemal Demirasall, will also join the festival this year to promote culinary collaborations. The festival not only celebrates cuisine but is a fun-filled celebration of culture and music along with authentic food

The dishes will all be inspired by or have roots to Ottoman and Turkish inspiration. The unique part of this culinary event is the manner in which the chefs work together, creating fusion dishes and incorporating a variety of techniques and ingredients together. All throughout downtown Haifa restaurants, and cafes, festival dished which have been specially crafted will be served for 40 NIS and gourmet festival menus are also available.

Some of the other renowned chefs participating in the food festival include: Haim Cohen,Elias Matar, Johhny Guric, Amos Sion, Ali Khatib, Dohul Safdie, Israel Aharoni, Omar Alwan, Yahaloma Levi, Neifa Mula, Shadi Bashara, Naal Zarkawi, Gil Hovav, Michal Buton, Ran Shmueli, Barak Aharoni, Nashat Abbas, Orel Kimchi and Hila Alpert.

Arab Food Festival

For a full list of the Downtown Haifa restaurants participating in the A-Sham Arab Food Festival please see below. The dishes prepared will be served for 40 NIS and all have some Turkish or Ottoman inspiration in the dish. Additionally, some restaurants offer gourmet options, inquire directly with the restaurants.

Back to Black
Guest chef: Yahaloma Levi (from Yahaloma, Levinsky Market)

Jacko Seafood
Guest chef: Salah Kurdi

Donatella (kosher)
Guest chef: Jallal Salaam

Guest chef: Neifa Mula

Hanamal 24
Guest chef: Dohul Safdie (Diana, Nazareth)

Bistro Venya
Guest chef: Chef: Johnny Guric (Legacy Hotel)

Chef: Omar Alwan (Garden restaurant, Haifa)

Guest chef: Israel Aharoni

Guest chef: Chef Amos Sion(Helena)

Guest chef: Ali Khatib (Magdalena)

Guest chef: Naal Zarkawi

Nahum Wine House
Guest chef: Haim Cohen

Guest pastry chef: Michal Buton

Guest chef: Barak Aharoni

Guest chef: Nashat Abas

Guest chef: Shadi Bashara

Café Palmar
Guest pastry chef: Michal Buton

Café Strudel
Guest chef: Nir Zuk

Additionally, a variety of hummus restaurants throughout the city including Hummus Abu Maroun, Hummus Abu Rami, Hummus Eliahu, Hummus Faraj will serve guest dishes for the A-Sham Arab Food Festival. There will also be a variety of pop Up shops in Downtown Haifa serving culinary delights from ice cream to Turkish spices and housewares and a variety of musical performances from both Israeli and Turkish musicians.

Event Booking Details

Event Date: 07/12/2018

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